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Air Conditioning & Heating Repair Services for All Vehicles

With our hot and muggy summers and chilly winters, the air conditioning and heating system in your vehicle is more than just a luxury. It provides cool, drier air that’s healthier to breathe in the hot months and warms the cabin to avoid frostbite in the winter. If you’re experiencing issues with either the heat or air conditioning, the technicians at McKinney Tire Pros in Conway, AR can easily repair your climate control system to have you driving comfortably again. We service all makes and models of foreign and domestic vehicles. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

car air conditioner system in car garage

What’s Wrong With My Car’s Air Conditioning and Heating?

The air conditioning and heating system in any vehicle doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, and there isn’t a set standard in the auto industry when your climate control system should be serviced. The best guide to follow is the suggested servicing set by your car’s manufacturer. However, as with any part of your vehicle, there can be an unexpected issue that causes a malfunction. Common air conditioning and heating issues we see in cars include:

  • Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air – This is often due to refrigerant loss.  It’s critical that our team determines where the leak is and fix the problem so you don’t have the same issue again.
  • Heater Not Getting Hot Enough – If the air coming out of your vents on a cold winter morning isn’t providing air hot enough to get you comfortable, it’s likely a bad thermostat. We can replace your thermostat to get you toasty again.
  • No Air Coming Out of Vents – If you don’t get any air out of the vents for the heat or air conditioning, there’s probably an issue with the fan. Often it is a blown motor in the fan. It could be clogged vents. We can repair both.

Heating & AC Repair for Cars, Light Trucks, & SUVs

No matter what issue has plagued your vehicle’s air conditioning or heating system, the experienced auto technicians at McKinney Tire Pros can accurately diagnose the problem and provide a repair that will get it working as it should. We are a locally owned and operated tire and auto service center dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and repairs at affordable prices. Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.

Auto Maintenance and Tire Sales

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