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Alternator and Starter Replacement in Conway, AR

At McKinney Tire Pros, we are committed to offering reliable and honest auto repairs to keep our customers on the road, getting where they need to be. If it takes more effort than usual to get your vehicle started, or it won’t start at all, give us a call. Our trained and experienced auto techs will determine exactly what the problem is and provide a repair that comes with our industry-leading nationwide warranty. If your car won’t start and it’s not because of a dead battery, the likely reason is either a bad alternator or starter. Contact us to schedule service, and we’ll fix your issue and get you back on your way.

Auto mechanic working on car engine

The Importance of Your Car’s Starter and Alternator

It’s a terrible feeling when you turn the key and the car won’t start. The first thing that comes to mind might be the battery, and maybe you have luck getting the car started by jumping it. But if it won’t start the next time? There’s probably a different problem. In addition to the battery, your vehicle relies on the starter and alternator to fire up the engine each time you turn the key. Here is what each component is responsible for and what you might be experiencing if one has failed.

  • The Starter – This is an electric motor that cranks the engine when you turn the key. It gets power from the battery to start the engine. If you turn the key and hear a grinding or whirring noise, or the engine won’t turn over, you might have a bad starter.
  • The Alternator – The alternator’s main job is to charge the battery while your car is running and power the car’s electrical components. Without a functioning alternator, your battery won’t have sufficient power to activate the starter when you turn the key. If the alternator is bad, you might just here a “click” when you turn the key. You may be able to jump the battery to start your vehicle. However, the next time you try to start the car, the battery will be dead again, and it won’t start.

Schedule Service for Alternator or Starter Repair

Your car can run for thousands and thousands of miles without having any issues with the starter or alternator. By paying attention to early signs of wear, such as sluggish starting of the engine or whirring or clicking noises when you turn the key, you might be able to proactively replace a starter or alternator before you’re left stranded. Unfortunately, many times these components fail without warning. The good news is that the team at McKinney Tire Pros can offer a replacement that perfectly fits your vehicle for complete peace of mind. Schedule your appointment with us today.

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