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Car Battery and Electrical Repair in Conway, AR

McKinney Tire Pros’s full-service auto repair center is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing the best customer experience and affordable repairs for cars, light trucks, and SUVs. One of the most common issues drivers face is a dead battery. While a jump might get you going again, this is often the battery’s way of letting you know its days are numbered. If you’re having a battery or electrical issue of any kind in your vehicle, schedule an appointment with us for an easy fix.

Two mechanics cooperating while working on car

Battery Testing and Replacements

Since there’s no gauge to let you know how much life is left in your battery, it’s usually a surprise when it dies. And it’s rarely at a convenient time. A good rule of thumb is to replace your car battery about every three years. While you might want to rely on your battery for as long as possible before paying to have it replaced, doing this proactively will reduce the chance of being stranded. The exact life of a battery will depend on the quality of the product itself as well as starting frequency and weather conditions. We use nothing but high-quality, reliable products for our battery replacements. If you’re unsure how old your battery is, bring it to us for a test. We can let you know how much power is left and if it’s time to replace it. We handle battery replacements for all types of vehicles.

mechanic in a car repair shop inspected the condition of the windscreen wiper

Electrical System Troubleshooting in Cars, Trucks, & SUVs

Your car’s electrical system is responsible for powering the majority of the features in your vehicle. It’s powered by the alternator, but each individual light and electronic component also has a fuse within the car. Whether you’re having an issue with the alternator, wiring, or blown fuses, we can assess the problem and offer a repair to bring it back to full function. Common electrical features include:

  • Wipers
  • Power windows
  • Power door locks
  • External and internal lights
  • Stereo functions
  • Power seat adjustment
  • Power steering
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • And more

Schedule Battery or Electrical Repair Today

Whether your battery’s dead or you’ve lost function to a part of your car’s electrical system, the team at McKinney Tire Pros is here to answer the call and provide you with the proper repairs to bring your vehicle back to life. You don’t have to miss the convenience of one of your car’s accessories like heated seats or interior lights. Visit us, and we’ll get it all working again.

Auto Maintenance and Tire Sales

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